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  • 24-Mar-2024
  • Kolkata, Hooghly, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh,Howrah, Jalandhar, Chandigarh,,
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    2 Months
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About the program

Join our team as a Data Science with Publication Intern and be part of groundbreaking research and impactful publications. In this role, you'll merge your passion for data science with your flair for communication to produce compelling research papers and articles. Collaborate with our team of experts to analyze data, uncover insights, and contribute to academic and industry publications. This internship offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in data analysis and publication processes, while making meaningful contributions to our field. If you're eager to combine data science skills with effective communication, apply now and help shape the future of data-driven research.


Perks of joining as a Data Analytics for Engineering Intern: 1. Hands-on experience in data analytics within an engineering context. 2. Opportunity to work closely with experienced professionals in the field. 3. Access to cutting-edge tools and technologies for data analysis. 4. Exposure to real-world engineering projects and challenges. 5. Chance to apply engineering knowledge to solve complex data problems. 6. Valuable insights into the intersection of data science and engineering. 7. Professional development and networking opportunities. 8. Supportive and collaborative work environment. 9. Potential for future career advancement within the organization. 10. Internship completion certificate to enhance your resume.

Who can apply?

Only those candidates can apply who:

  1. are from Any
  2. and specialisation from Any
  3. are available for duration of 2 Months
  4. have relevant skills and interests

Terms of Engagement

Terms and Engagement for the Data Analytics for Engineering Internship: 1. Duration: The internship will last for 2 to 3 months 2. Work Schedule: Interns are expected to work for four to five hours per week, with flexible scheduling options available. 3. Compensation: This internship is unpaid. However, interns may be eligible for stipends or other benefits based on performance and organizational policies. 4. Responsibilities: Interns will assist with data analysis tasks, contribute to engineering projects, and collaborate with team members on various assignments. 5. Mentorship: Each intern will be assigned a mentor who will provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the internship period. 6. Confidentiality: Interns are required to maintain confidentiality regarding proprietary information, client data, and sensitive company matters. 7. Evaluation: Interns will undergo periodic performance evaluations to assess their progress and provide constructive feedback for improvement. 8. Professional Conduct: Interns are expected to adhere to professional standards of behavior, including punctuality, professionalism, and respect for colleagues. 9. Intellectual Property: Any work produced during the internship will be the intellectual property of the organization, subject to applicable laws and agreements. 10. Termination: Either party may terminate the internship agreement with advance notice, subject to the terms outlined in the internship contract. By accepting this offer, interns agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined above and to fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

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