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Coming from a typical Indian family, there is always pressure to get good grades in school, later pursue bachelor's and secure a job. Each of us try to be competent to stay in competition. We all adopt the strategy of "Learn.Unlearn.Relearn" Learning new skills and maintaining a good portfolio is another key to have a successful career in which ever field we desire. Along with this it is important to have industrial exposure, to understand the work culture of an organisation. It is made mandatory by the educational institutes to do internships, while pursuing your bachelors and master degree. Interning with a good company and learning from their work culture is recommended. But how do you get to work with good PSU’s, MNC’s, NGO’s or any of your dream company?

AICTE with association with NEAT team, is giving a wonderful opportunity to students from all over the country with any academic background in finding their dream internship. Through their internship portal, where more than 300 certified and authentic companies including your dream company, regularly keep posting their requirements for interns.

Go and register,here at https://internship.aicte-india.org/

Fill in your personal and academic details. And find the perfect internship for you within no time.

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