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Take a minute to imagine this scenario - you spent weeks searching various online job/internship portals for a summer internship. And finally after days of deep digging you find an opportunity which perfectly matches with your area of interest and apply for it. You were excited to work with a company offering real experience in a field which you are passionate about and you start working with full dedication. After assignment submission, company stopped responding to your e-mails and worst of all -refused to provide the stipend promised on completion.

The listed company in the internship platform does not have an official website. How do I get details about the company? Does it really exist? Should I apply for this internship or not? Company refused to offer an experience letter which they promised to provide on completion! The employer is not responding to my emails? Is there anything I can do?

We have all faced such dilemmas about legality and ethicality of the company while applying for internships and spent hours on researching whether or not the company posting the internship opportunities is real or not.

Believe it or not, employers can get away with offering vague, meaningless, and even sometimes unethical internship positions, leaving you without any measurable skills or knowledge after months of hard work. Employers and Companies offering such fake internship opportunities take total advantage of an intern and their hard work.

In such times AICTE has taken the lead to provide a secure and trustworthy platform for both students and companies for the sole purpose of internships. Private companies and MNCs posting internships are required to mention their GSTIN or TIN number. Apart from this, companies also need to submit the registration certificate of their company so that the registered company could be verified.

Each Smart City and Urban Local Body (ULB) registered on our portal is asked for the posting letter of the Head of Smart City and only after the state approves the smart city login after viewing the registration details, they can appear on our portal.

The students are required to go through a verification process as well so as to help good companies to avoid wastage of time with fake applicants.

This is just one of the many ways through which AICTE verifies the companies and students before registration, ensuring that only real, credible and the most genuine opportunities meet genuine students.

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