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  • 02-Jun-2023
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About the program

Zetpeak is thrilled to offer a free 3-month Software Developer Internship, providing students with a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience and expand their skills in software development. This internship program is designed to empower participants and foster their growth in the dynamic field of software development. During the internship, students will have the chance to work on real-


As part of the Software Developer Internship at Zetpeak, participants can enjoy several perks that enhance their learning experience and provide additional benefits. Here are some of the perks offered during the internship: Hands-on Experience: Interns will have the opportunity to work on real-world software development projects, allowing them to apply their coding skills and gain practical experience. This hands-on experience is invaluable for building a strong portfolio and developing a deep understanding of software development principles. Mentorship and Guidance: Interns will be paired with experienced software developers who will serve as mentors throughout the internship. These mentors will provide guidance, support, and feedback, helping interns improve their programming skills and navigate complex projects. Skill Development: The internship is designed to enhance interns' software development skills. Through project assignments and coding exercises, participants will gain proficiency in programming languages, frameworks, and software development tools. They will also learn about best practices, coding standards, and software development methodologies. Portfolio Enhancement: Interns will have the opportunity to build a portfolio of software projects that showcase their coding abilities and problem-solving skills. This portfolio will serve as a valuable asset when applying for future job opportunities or advancing their career in software development. Networking Opportunities: Interns will have the chance to connect with professionals in the software development industry, both within Zetpeak and potentially through industry partnerships. Networking can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, and exposure to new opportunities in the field. Internship Certificate: Upon successful completion of the program, interns will receive an official internship certificate from Zetpeak. This certificate will validate their participation, dedication, and acquired skills during the internship period, enhancing their professional credibility. Recommendation Letter: Zetpeak will provide a personalized recommendation letter for each intern, highlighting their accomplishments, technical skills, work ethic, and contributions during the internship. This letter can be a valuable addition to their professional references and support their future career endeavors. Learning Resources: Interns will have access to various learning resources, such as coding tutorials, online courses, and industry publications. These resources will further enhance their technical knowledge and keep them updated on the latest trends and practices in software development. While the internship does not include a stipend, the perks provided aim to create a supportive and enriching environment for interns to learn, grow, and gain practical experience in the field of software development. Zetpeak is committed to providing a valuable learning experience that will contribute to the interns' personal and professional development.

Who can apply?

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Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement - Software Developer Internship: Duration: The Software Developer Internship at Zetpeak has a duration of 3 months, during which interns are expected to actively participate in assigned tasks, projects, and learning activities. Internship Certificate: Upon successful completion of the internship program, interns will receive an official Internship Certificate from Zetpeak, recognizing their dedication and achievements during the internship period. Responsibilities: Interns are expected to fulfill their assigned responsibilities promptly and professionally. This includes actively participating in software development projects, adhering to project deadlines, and collaborating effectively with the mentor and team members. Commitment and Availability: Interns are expected to commit a sufficient amount of time and effort to the internship program. They should be available for regular communication, virtual meetings, coding sessions, and other project-related activities as required. Confidentiality: Interns must maintain strict confidentiality and not disclose any confidential or proprietary information related to Zetpeak's projects, clients, or internal processes during or after the internship period. Professional Conduct: Interns are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner throughout the internship. This includes maintaining a positive attitude, demonstrating effective communication skills, and respecting the opinions and ideas of others. Ownership of Work: Any software code, projects, or intellectual property developed by interns during the internship will be the property of Zetpeak. Interns will not claim ownership or rights over any software or intellectual property created during their time with the company. Feedback and Evaluation: Interns will receive feedback and evaluation on their performance and progress during the internship. This feedback will serve as a valuable learning tool and help interns refine their technical skills and capabilities. Non-Stipend Internship: The Software Developer Internship at Zetpeak does not provide a stipend or financial compensation. The focus of the internship is on gaining practical experience, developing skills, and building a strong portfolio. Termination: Zetpeak reserves the right to terminate the internship if an intern fails to fulfill their responsibilities, violates company policies, or engages in any behavior deemed inappropriate or unethical. By participating in the Software Developer Internship at Zetpeak, interns agree to adhere to these terms of engagement and conduct themselves in accordance with the company's policies and values.

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