• Part Time
  • 07-09-2020
  • Vellore, Tamilnadu,
  • Start date
  • Duration
    8 Weeks
  • Stipend
    ₹5000 /month
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  • Part Time

About the program

This internship programme offers opportunities to fresh graduates or diploma holders to study the urban infrastructure created under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation

Learning Opportunity

Eligibility Conditions
1.Open only to Indian citizens.
2. Not more than 18 months should have passed from the date of declaration of final year results to the date from which the internship is sought.
3. Preference will be given to engineering students

Who can apply?

Only those candidates can apply who:

  1. Any graduation,Diploma
  2. from Any Specialisation
  3. available for duration of 8 Weeks
  4. have relevant skills and interests

Terms of Engagement

1. The intern will be required to submit a digital undertaking to the ULB or AMRUT city certifying his or her credentials, professional conduct and character before the commencement of the internship.
2. An engagement format, including a week long orientation program, shall be outlined on aspects of learning during the internship period aligned with the tasks assigned.This shall ensure that the intern is Learning While Doing and not engaged in any unskilled tasks.
3. Interns have to study the impact of the Mission working with Independent Review and Monitoring Agency, IRMA, duly supported by AMRUT City Mission Management Unit or Project Development and Management Consultants directly approaching the ground level beneficiaries of the scheme, receive feedback of impact through documentation, photographs and videos etc.The report comprising all such information shall be submitted to AMRUT Division, MoHUA on completion of the internship through web or application.
4.The intern will be eligible for an internship certificate only upon successful completion of the internship period, which may be relaxed, as per discretion of the Competent Authority in this Ministry under special circumstances.
5. Dispute of any kind arising between the ULB or AMRUT city and the intern should be resolved amicably through grievance redressal channels or as per law of land at the level of incidence.
6. The interns shall be required to maintain confidentiality of all the documents or reports, or any information received by him or her during his/her internship period. The interns shall not reveal to any person or organisation any information relating to the ULB or AMRUT city, its work and policies. The interns may also be required to sign a confidentiality agreement mentioning appropriate terms and prior to the commencement of the internship.
7. Notice period of one week will have to be given prior to leaving the internship and the intern shall not leave the internship without being relieved by the ULB or AMRUT city.
8. This internship is neither a job nor an assurance of a job in the ULB or AMRUT city.

9. The Stipend amount Rupees 5000 per month stands for Rupees 5000 per 4 week.

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